Helipads repairs

in the best possible time, assessing defects and the condition of the equipment.

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Our company offers a repair service for helipads. Repairs affect the pavement, helipads structures and all types of technological equipment

Helipad repairs are to be carried out in the following sequence:

Execution of the helipad survey report.
The following works are included as part of the report:
- a site visit by a specialist to carry out the survey;
- assessing the condition of the existing pavement;
- generating the helipad defect list;
- creating a bill of quantities for repair works;
- creating a purchase specification for the equipment to be replaced;
- creating a general statement of repair costs, including the supply of equipment.
Supply of equipment and carrying out of repair works.
Based on the helipad survey report generated, the customer is provided with an updated cost estimate for the repairs, including the supply of replacement equipment. Delivery of equipment usually takes from 1 month. The repair works can be carried out from 7 calendar days.

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