Engineering surveys, design and detailed design documentation,

separate calculations.

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Our company has many years of experience in design and survey works for aircraft and helicopter landing pads. We have positive experience of passing non-state and state expertise, including GlavGosExpertiza.

We form the right and unique approach to each project according to the customer's needs.

Designing the helipadincludes the following:

Developing pre-project solutions
As part of the pre-project works, we select a land for the pad. After the land selection, the site is assessed for the possibility of helipad placement and performing take-off and landing operations, noise and wind loads. Having established the helipad basic parameters, we select technological equipment and estimate the total cost of helipad implementation. Having assessed the full cost of implementation, we develop a roadmap for the project and solution albums with 3D visualizations.
Developing terms of reference
The terms of reference specify the type of helicopter to be used, the type of helipad pavement, the use of the helipad, the composition of the equipment to be installed and other characteristics of the site.
Performing a range of engineering surveys
We perform the complex of:
-engineering and geodetic surveys;
-engineering and geological surveys;
-engineering and environmental surveys;
-engineering and hydrometeorological surveys;
- image of high altitude obstacles within a radius of 5 km from the helipad.
Preparing the initial permissions documents
We support our customers in obtaining land title documents and technical conditions from network services and organizations. We assist with the necessary letters for approval of the helipad location.
Developing design and detailed design documentation
We develop the design and detailed design documentation both for individual helipads and for sites as part of complex facilities. We support the client in the examination of design documentation.
Conducting author's supervision
We provide supervision services during the helipads construction.

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