Meteorological equipment

The whole complex of meteorological equipment supply from 340 000 $.

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We tell you about implementing the system of meteorological equipment of helipads on the example of the implemented facility for Federal State-Owned Company Research Institute Geodesy, Krasnoarmeysk, Moscow region.

To improve the safety of takeoff and landing operations, helipads include a set of meteorological equipment, which provides the landing site controller with current information about the current weather parameters directly at the facility.

Additionally, if radio equipment is available at the site, it is possible to transmit the weather report to the pilot of the aircraft both in manual and automatic modes.

How is meteorological equipment set up?
We have coordinated the main design solutions for meteorological equipment

We agreed on a set of works necessary to install meteorological equipment that meets customer requirements.

Equipment typically includes:

  • Central meteorological rack;
  • Meteorological mast with sensors for temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction;
  • Meteorological visibility range meter;
  • Cloud height meter.

When implementing the meteorological equipment system, our company cooperated with the Institute of Radar Meteorology LLC (IRAM).

One of IRAM products is a complex radio airfield meteorological station "KRAMS-4" designed to measure and collect meteorological information about basic atmospheric parameters at helipads, data processing, generation of meteorological messages, display, registration and distribution of information via communication channels to support aircraft take-off and landing.

IRAM is also an official partner and authorized technical center of the Finnish company Vaisala, a world leader in manufacturing meteorological equipment for aviation infrastructure facilities.

We developed a project for the installation of meteorological equipment

We prepared and coordinated the equipment layout and foundation solutions with the customer.

As part of the works:

  • We have made equipment placement, developed equipment switching diagrams, cable line laying diagrams, solutions for foundation arrangement and reinforcement.
  • We created procurement specifications, bill of quantities.
We supplied the equipment

The delivery time is usually 120 calendar days.

We performed construction, installation and pre-commissioning works

Construction, installation and commissioning usually takes 7 calendar days

We commissioned the facility

We trained the customer's personnel in the operation of meteorological equipment.

We created the executive documentation, successfully delivered the facility to the customer.

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