Lighhng equipment

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We tell you about implementing light-signal equipment of helipads on the example of equipping the helipad for Agusta Westland AW139 helicopters in a South Region of Russia

To perform flights at night, the helipad employs lighhng equipment, which illuminates the main elements of the pad.

How is lighhng equipment constructed?
We agree the type of lighting equipment with the customer

The type of lighting equipment depends on the type of pavement, the preferences for the helipads' visual aspect.

The main possible variants of the lights are agreed with the customer:

  • Above ground or recessed lights on an artificial base. These lights are used for helipads with reinforced concrete or asphalt pavement. Recessed lights are the most common, convenient in terms of helipad maintenance, and safer than above ground lights in terms of aircraft take-off and landing.
  • On the ground. These lights are most often used for unpaved helipads or for pads made of precast concrete slabs. The installation is carried out on special needles driven into the ground.
  • Mobile lighting equipment. Used for temporary helipads.
We agreed the list of selected types of signalling equipment

In general, helipads are equipped with:

  • Green touchdown & lift-off area (TLOF) lights;
  • Spotlights to illuminate touchdown & lift-off area;
  • Windsock with illumination floodlights and barrier light;
  • Pulse beacon.

In some circumstances, additional equipment, such as final approach and take-off areas lights (FATO), restrictor lights, glide lights and others, are provided depending on helipad location and parameters.

If it is necessary to illuminate high-rise obstacles, barrier lights in red color shall be installed.

We calculated the lighting equipment

We developed the detailed design documentation for the installation of lighting equipment following the requirements of regulatory documents.

Due to the lack of requirements for lighting equipment at helipads in the Russian regulatory framework, we are guided in the design of facilities by ICAO requirements.

The amount of lighting equipment depends directly on the helipad configuration.

We created a purchasing specification

We prepared a detailed quotation for the supply of equipment, taking into account the tightest possible deadlines.

We procured lighting equipment from a supplier agreed upon with the customer

To date, we single out the following companies on the Russian market of manufacturers and suppliers of lighting equipment:

  • Weltplast LLC;
  • Aerosvet LLC;
  • AeroTD LLC.

Each company has its own line of lighting equipment for helipads.

We agree with the customer each supplier.

We performed construction, installation and pre-commissioning works on the equipment

The works were performed following the prepared detailed design documentation.

The turnaround time is about 20 calendar days.

We performed ground and flight inspections of the equipment.

In compliance with the requirements of the Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation No. 1 dated 18 January 2005.

Upon completion of construction, installation and pre-commissioning works, we inspected the equipment with representatives of the operating organization and performed a flight over the helipad.

The facility was handed over to the customer.

We created a set of executive documentation and commissioned the facility.

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