Design, construction, equipment, certification, operation of helipads and heliports.


Helipoints is a team of professionals with experience in leading civil aviation R&D institutes.

We know how to simplify and speed up helipads construction, our methods are based on interpretations of the Urban Planning Code and the Air Code of the Russian Federation.

We carry out projects of any complexity and to any request: helipads at Ministry of Defence and EMERCOM facilities, at medical facilities and oil and gas fields, on roofs, in high-rise residential areas and business centers, in cottage settlements and holiday camps.

Our partners

Helipoints' list of services includes:

— performance of engineering surveys;
— development of project documentation (Stage P);
— development of detailed project documentation (Stage R);
— construction and installation works;
— pre-commissioning works;
— arrangement of pads with necessary technological equipment;
— maintenance of helipads;
— repair of helipads;
— comprehensive commissioning services.
— выполнение инженерных изысканий;

Our helipads are located not only all over Russia - from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin - but also in neighboring countries.

Our company employs only highly qualified specialists; we use the most modern technologies, high-quality materials and equipment. This is proven by the fact that Helipoints' facilities have repeatedly passed both expert reviews for the possibility of obtaining a construction permit. The construction and installation works are carried out with maximum quality and to the exact deadline indicated. Helipoints has the resources and expertise to carry out civil engineering and installation works of any complexity.